Care Equipment

RJ Response Services can supply you with a wide variety of equipment. We also offer door to door delivery, get in contact to find out more! This is only a selection of the products we have on offer, if you would like to discuss your requirements, please call Jon on 01534 828728 or email:

The NEW Casa Elite Profile Care Bed!

Standard and Low Models

Designed and developed for home and residential care environment; the Casa Elite Care Home beds provide safety features for both residents and carers combined with an attractive appearance. This range of four section electrical profiling beds with adjustable head, foot and knee sections support effective resident care. The Casa Elite offers multiple profiling and positioning benefits which can reduce other potential complications of immobility.

The Casa Elite Low enables the bed platform to be lowered closer to the floor reducing the risk of a fall from height for vulnerable residents.

A vast range of compatible accessories are available to meet key user requirements; including a bed extension for the taller users.


Standard and Low bed including wooden side rails: £995.00.

Standard and Low bed without side rails: £899.00.

Price includes installation.

2 Year Manufacturers warranty. Please contact Jon for all information and options on these new beds.

The Sensaflo Hybrid Mattress Replacement System


The Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid Mattress is the world’s first 4 in 1 hybrid mattress with foam-filled air cells, SensaGel adaptive foot cells and an in-use height of 6" for effective prevention and treatment of users up to very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer in hospital, nursing and care home environments.

The Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid has a built-in fire evacuation system with straps and handles, allowing the mattress to be quickly moved with the user in position during emergency situations. There are four adaptable gel-foam heel zone cells that can be individually removed and repositioned to create zero pressure under the heel.

When used without a pump the Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid performs the same as a high specification foam mattress and when used with a pump it performs the same as an alternating air system. There is no requirement to remove the user from bed to change from a foam system to an alternating air system.

By inflating the mattress and sealing off with the transport cap you create a balanced-air self-adjusting semi-active mattress. The air cells are contained within a high density foam perimeter which creates a smooth transition from the side rail to the air cells.

Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid incorporates cutting-edge SensaCare Truflo Technology® – constant auto pressure sensing through an air sensor and microcomputer regulator to provide ultra-low interface pressure and promote an even ambience for natural sleep patterns and stable blood circulation with Ultra-SilentTM pump operation.

Key Features & Benefits:

- 90cm wide (120cm wide also available)

- Self adjusting foam filled air cells

- Ergonomically castellated pillow function for unique comfort

- Adaptable heel zone with removable gel-foam pads

- Built in Evacuation System with straps and handles

- Profiling side sections

- Mains cable management system

- Independently removable cells

- CPR release

- Pillow function

- 360 degree zipper

- Multi-stretch PU cover – welded seams

- Water resistant, vapour permeable cover

- Antimicrobial, machine washable cover

- White underside of cover

- BS7177: Crib 5

- Robust pump connection

- Transport mode

- Clinical pressure mapping evaluation

Price per unit, mattress and pump: £995.00

Rise and Recline Chairs

We have access to a wide range of single and dual motor rise and recline chairs, of different sizes prices starting at £799.00. Please contact us for more information or home assessment.

Partner Cushion System


The Alerta Partner is an alternating pressure relieving cushion system with a sealed 2" foam base for effective prevention and treatment of users up to high risk of developing a pressure ulcer in hospital, nursing and care home environments.

With simple to use settings and functionality, the Alerta Partner enables the care provider to quickly set up the cushion system and have it operating at optimal pressure for a specific user with ease.

The wide range of features make the Alerta Partner a highly versatile and cost-effective solution which has been manufactured to comply with the most stringent quality and in-use guidelines.

Key Features & Benefits:

- Nylon TPU coated cells

- Independently removable cells

- 360 degree zipper

- Multi-stretch PU cover

- Water resistant, vapour permeable cover

- Antimicrobial, machine washable cover

- Robust pump connection

- Transport mode

- Clinical pressure mapping evaluation

Price per unit, cushion and pump: £267.40

Bellavita Bath Lift

Product Features

· At the touch of a button, gently lowers users down to bottom of bath for bathing and relaxation then raises them to top again for safely getting out.

· The backrest reclines to a maximum angle of 50 degrees, operated easily by the hand control and enabling the user to relax in comfort.

· Front aperture in seat improves access for personal hygiene.

· Can be used with or without covers; washable hygienic covers are easily fitted/removed and provide comfort when bathing (available in white or blue).

· Very low seat travel of 6cm (2.4”) from bottom of bath allows improved water immersion, ideal for shallow bath.

· A seat height of 48cm (19”) enabling easy and safe transfers in and out of the bath.

· At 9.3kg the Bellavita is very lightweight making it easy to install and remove from the bath.

· Separates easily and quickly into 2 lightweight sections for ease of fitting/removal, storage and transportation.

· Contoured, slim-line profile further facilitates handling and gives a modern, aesthetically pleasing appearance to suit most bathrooms.

· 4 quick release suction feet secure the lift in the bath. The front 2 are self-venting and flexible enabling easier install and added suction to the bath.

· Lightweight, fully waterproof and floatable hand control with light touch buttons is easily operated.

· Hand control recharges quickly for convenience and multiple use environments.

· Indicator lights signal when charging is required and built in safety feature prevents bath-lift from lowering without sufficient charge to return it to top of bath.

· Emergency stop button is incorporated into hand control for safety.

· Lightweight plastic frame is easy to clean.

· Easily fits into most baths.

Cost: £330.00 including installation

Other Products

Glideabout Commode Chair: £169.00

Commode adjustable height: £85.00

Raised Toilet Seat with Lid 4 inches: £39.00

Aluminium lightweight rollator on wheels: £108.75

Tri-Walker, Adjustable: £82.50

Wheeled Walking Frame: £57.00