Live Monitoring

Home Safe Monitoring & Live Virtual Warding

At RJ Response, we're transforming home care through advanced technology and an unwavering commitment to security and well-being. Our system features a secure digital infrastructure, seamlessly integrating with medical monitoring equipment. This integration is overseen by our skilled operators, working alongside local GPs and care services in your community. Supported by a global security platform, our mission is simple: elevate home care quality and keep your loved ones at home, for as long as they want to be at home.

Key Features:

⚕️ Professional Oversight:

Our live monitoring system operates under the vigilant supervision of our registered manager, trained operators and first responders. This professional approach ensures that your loved ones receive the attention they need, precisely when they need it. We are a regulated and approved provider under the Jersey Care Commission & Long Term Care Fund.

🌍 Global Reach:

Our local community can now benefit from the synergy of a local care provider supported by a gold standard global security platform.

🚨 Emergency Response:

Our high-tech sensors and equipment work seamlessly with our qualified first responders and dedicated care staff. In times of emergency, we are already on the way!

🌙 Night-Time Dementia Management:

We understand the challenges of providing night-time care. Our system excels in night-time dementia management, ensuring your loved ones are secure and cared for, even when the world sleeps.

📈 Trials and Triumphs:

After three years of rigorous trials, our system has proven its efficacy. We've successfully prevented wandering, attended falls, identified mobility risks, provided crucial support for mental health, and even detected early signs of UTIs and instigated the correct intervention for our clients' needs.

Your Loved Ones, Our Priority:

At RJ Response, we believe in proactive care. Our system isn't just about monitoring; it's about preventing, supporting, and enhancing the quality of life for your loved ones at home. Join us in this journey toward a safer, more connected, and healthier tomorrow.

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